Magazines remain to be a decent source of information in which best health magazines in India could be very helpful for many. Commonly this particular type of magazine will deliver all health related information. Many useful tricks and hacks can be found there to live a healthier life. Moreover about this magazine, there will be useful updates and news as well regarding healthcare in India. Some of them can be considered to be the best while some others may only be following the steps of other magazines. So, what is the best then?

The top of the list belongs to the Health magazine. It’s simple name makes it really popular. It is easy to find and to talk about so that many people prefer to read it. This magazine is actually an American based that was found back in the year of 1981. It has its focus a bit on women sides although there are general topics as well. Healthy diet to lose weight remains a popular topic in this magazine.

Next one on the best health magazines in India is Runner’s World. This particular magazine was found in the year of 1966. It is a unique magazine in which it is available only 11 times in a year. As its name suggests, it focuses on running and tracking. All related stuff towards running can be found in this magazine for everyone. Interviews of popular athletes as well as inspirational stories and reviews of all things related to running and tracking are in there.

Muscle and Fitness is the next magazine on the list. It was founded in the year of 1936 with its main focus on exercises and workouts. The publisher is American Media, Inc that has been so consistent in providing useful info regarding body building along with advice on various issues as well. Following the top three the one in number four and five is Men’s Health and Women’s Health. The one for men was founded in 1987 while the one for women was founded in 2005. It is a somewhat general type of health magazine providing anything to be healthy and live a heavy life.

Obviously there are many more magazines talking about health that can be found in India. The list mentioned before is the best and recommended one to follow in order to get a healthier body and healthier life. Which one of the best health magazines in India that you prefer?