Short women often insecure with their choice of fashion. They sometimes have difficulties to find out what is the best outfit for them. Dealing with fashion and height can be tricky. Unfortunately, very few brands sell clothes for petite women. It also becomes an essential factor for their difficulties in trying to be fashionable. This article will provide you with the latest fashion style you can wear for your small figure.

Cropped Styles

This type of style can lengthen your figure. The pairing of a cropped top and high waisted pants is the best way to put a tall look in your fashion.

Slim Fitted Blazer

For a formal look, you can try fitted blazer which can slim your waist. This kind of blazer should fit perfectly in your shoulder and hug closely to the body. Do not wear an oversized blazer, it will overwhelm your small body.

Flare jeans

Jeans are a must item for menswear and womenswear. For ladies with a petite figure, you can still wear jeans. The difference is you have to choose flare jeans to make your leg appears longer. High heels are the best companion for the jeans. The point plus is that this style brings the retro vibe. Even it is a kind of old fashion, this style is the latest fashion style for a small girl.

Side Split Maxi Dress

Maxi dress can be another option for you. To avoid the effect of swamping shorter girls, pick a side split maxi dress. It can give more balance to your petite body.

Slimmed and Cropped Jumpsuit

When you are tall, a wide length jumpsuit is a perfect outfit, but don’t try it to a short lady. They should choose slim, short and cropped jumpsuit. Playing with the right jumpsuit can give a difference to your height. Pick the tileable and sleeveless jumpsuit. Combine it with ankle length boots to make you look fabulous.

Gathered or Wrap Dress

Try to avoid shirtdress, it will make you look even more petite. There are various types of wrap dresses suitable for a short girl, most of them are summer dress with a floral pattern that can show a feminine side of you. Wrap dress with ruffles is also another wise choice. The mid length colorful slim dress is suitable for a casual and fresh look.

Triangular high waisted skirt

This skirt can distract people’s eyes because it can extend the line of the body shapes. Triangular high water culottes are also another right choice to create a flattering silhouette.