Ankara is a famous term for African print. It is a general material used for clothes in Africa, specifically West Africa. The printing is made using the wax resist technique as it is used to make Batik. this kind of fabric can be styled to various types of fashion. Nowadays, it is not only used by African, but also the fashionista around the world. do not surprise when you see celebrities impress us with their Ankara style. This complicated yet marvelous print can be transformed into any kind of style which suits yourself. Here is some of the latest fashion design with Ankara style.

Bomber Jacket

The Ankara print fabric delivers a glamorous glimpse. A bomber jacket is part of casual style, but if you want to wear it to a party, then Ankara bomber jacket will make you the center of attention. The motif and color that it brings to the jacket can steal everybody’s interest.

The Halter Neck Dress

This classic design, halter neck dress, is compatible with blaring printing from Ankara fabric. You will love how these two elements blend and make a wonderful yet elegant dress.Electric Bulb Ankara

An electric bulb is the the latest fashion design among other Ankara fabric. This pattern is going well with formal attire. This is the best choice to live up the atmosphere in the office. For women with a lot of activities, the formal Ankara outfit is the best pick because this fabric is not heavy.

The Ankara Bohemian Dress

A bohemian dress style is magically artistic. In the modern era, this fashion is more known by people with boho chic, which combine the sexy, gypsy and delightful look. The bohemian feel will appropriately be delivered with Ankara print, the combination of African and Caribbean ambiance.

Short Length Ankara Design

Not only elegant, chic and formal look, you can also transform Ankara fabric into a sexy and extraordinary short dress. You can choose the pattern based on your body’s shape. The right pattern will eventually show the best version of your figure.

Ankara Design for Modern Look

Who says that smart, independent and modern women have to dress in plain formal attire? This won’t happen when you know how wonderful is Ankara design. The adventurous feel the pattern brings can transform you into attractive modern women. Ankara gives the quality of cultural heritage and creativeness which makes you look even smarter.