Publishing a book is a dream for every writer. While talking about publishing, it is a different process with the writing process. Publishing is related to marketing activity. On the other hand, the publisher or agent often follows the market trend. They don’t only see the quality of content, but how far the book can fulfill the readers’ needs. Thus, several writers decide to self-published without involving any publisher. If you are considering do the same thing, then you should know the best marketing for the self-published book because this one is not easy.

best marketing for self published books

Just like the name, self-published is different like the common publishing model. When you are using a publisher, it means the publisher plays roles, such as in editing, sharing costs and profits, until marketing activity. While self-published is done by the author, from editing until putting the books into the market. Seeing the competition is quite hard, here are things you can do as the best marketing for self published book:

1. An Attractive Look

A quote of “don’t judge a book from its cover” might not really work for a self-published book. Because once you are not a famous writer, you need something to attract people. This could be started from the cover. In addition, you need also to make a great description. The description lets people know what your story about. Build a curiosity to sell your book and make sure you bring a fresh perspective for them.

2. Get a Review

In this digital era, most people are looking for a review before they buy one product, including for a book. Thus, find the right person to read your book and leave the comment. If you publish your book in an e-book format, you can let them comment on your website. But for the hard copy, it is better for you to ask famous people to leave the comment. That would be greater if they want to give the opening review inside your book.

3. Offer a Gift

We know that it is hard to attract someone buying your book. Thus, just like selling products on the online store, you can offer something free for the buyers. It doesn’t have to be a big thing, for example, a notebook, a shirt, or any simple gift. If you plan to publish the series, the special price for bundling books can be attractive too. Once people are happy to get the gift, it is your opportunity to make them as the reader.

4. Maximize Your Social Media

There is nothing to beat the power of being viral. Now it is time to maximize your social media as your marketing channel. Share and let your circle knows that you published a book. Make them curious about it by giving a hint. You can post the cover and a part of the story. Also, you can ask someone to give the review on the comment box so the other people can see it.

5. Get Into Global Market

Once you publish a book, we recommend making it a digital version. Because e-book is easier to be marketed globally. Today there are many platforms where you can join with the other authors to publish your book. You should realize that recently reading a book through smartphones becomes a new trend among people.

The main key of the best marketing for self published book is being consistent. Because there is nothing can achieve success just in one night. It is a long process until people realize who you are and enjoy your writing. If you take a look at the famous writer, they also get many rejections before winning the awards.