Coronavirus outbreak shook nations all over the world. No one is ready for the highly infectious virus. Five months have passed since the first case made known to the world in early January. Many lives are lost and there is more number of the ones that get infected. On the bright side, we have a better understanding of the virus. We know a little about how it spreads and what actions to take to control the disease. Just like what these nations that have failed coronavirus spreads do to prevent their cases at a low rate. Let’s take a look at their success stories.

1. China

As the epicenter of the outbreak, China is a great example of how to fight the coronavirus. In the first couple of weeks, the spread of the virus was inevitable. It happened so fast in the Wuhan animal market. Thousands of people got infected during that time.

The China government acted quickly to have its entire citizen in clustered areas isolate themselves inside their home. This mandatory rule saved so many lives in China. It was able to stabilize and lower the cases because people carry out the instruction.

As one of the nations that have failed coronavirus spreads, China was praised for its hospital. They were able to build it in less than 3 weeks specifically made for patients of Covid-19. The hospital was in April since there was no longer need for it. There weren’t many cases that need intensive care any longer. Now, reported cases in mainland China are low.

2. Singapore

One of the greatest nations that have failed coronavirus spreads amazingly is Singapore. With a packed population in a small area, it potentially made Singapore at high risk in being the center of coronavirus in Southeast Asia. But, it’s able to successfully contained the infection to its citizen.

If you take a look at Singapore data, their death count is surprisingly fewer than 20. That is a big accomplishment since others are reaching thousands of death at this point. Singapore is also able to make the recoveries to outpace the rate of infection.

There are many factors that contribute to Singapore to be one of the nations that have failed coronavirus spreads. Expert has speculated that it’s a combination of three things that Singapore has. Those are their amazing health care system, the draconian tracing and containment measures that they took, and a small population that obeying the government’s instruction.

3. South Korea

Another nation that should be praised is South Korea. Their intense measure in their preventative action to stop the spread of coronavirus was amazing. You can clearly see that they care about it since there were mandatory health checks in every port available on the country.

Until this day, even though their country is close to the border with China, Korea is considered to have a low number of coronavirus cases. It’s even able to lower the number of infections in less than 100 cases a day.

The success story of those three Nations That Have Failed Coronavirus Spreads should be praised. Others have tried to implement the same measurement and actions that they took to control the coronavirus.