DOTA 2: One of the Free Video Games to Play

Very few people will not mention DOTA 2 when talking about fun and free video games to play. The popularity of this game does not need to be questionable. Even though DOTA 2 had been released since 2013, lots of people remain become its loyal fans until today.

What is DOTA 2?

Valve Corporation, a game company led by Gate Newell, owns DOTA 2. This popular game is a development from Warcraft which was booming back then in the 2000s. Just like Warcraft, DOTA 2 is a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game.

DOTA 2 is one of the free video games to play. You do not have to pay to enjoy the game. However, when you want to buy some items in this game, there is a certain price for the selected items you choose. There are more than 100 heroes in DOTA 2 that you can select. Each hero has its own skill that differs from another. Unfortunately, you cannot play DOTA 2 on your smartphone as this game is a PC-based game. DOTA 2 has been played by lots of people all around the globe. This game is even said to have the most fanatic fans among other existing games. The International is a clear proof of how DOTA 2 has successfully won the public’s heart. It is a game tournament with the highest reward ever on earth. The total amount of money as the prize is gained from DOTA 2’s fans who purchase treasure or items during The International period.

How to Play DOTA 2?

DOTA 2 is played by 2 teams consisting of 5 players in each. The teams are called dire and radiant. On the map, dire is placed on the top, while radiant is on the bottom. Both of the teams’ mission is to destroy the ancient of another team. Ancient is a unique building located in the headquarters area of a team. The last ancient surviving marks the winning of the team. To start the game, the player will have to select 1 among 100 available heroes. There will be no player selecting the same hero. During the game, the player will have to fight against the opponent’s hero or creep. In each team, the creep or tiny troops will come up every 30 seconds automatically to attack the opponent.

For every hero or creep that a player kills, the player will achieve experience. This experience is beneficial in moving up to another level or in adding gold. The collected golds can be used to purchase items like weapons, armor to survive, or other items for various utilities such as teleporting, running fast, and so on. The player with more experience and gold will also be stronger and thus make him easier to destroy the ancient. Playing DOTA 2, you have to get yourself ready for the hectic game and its additive effect. In your first time, you might easily get beaten. However, you will surely feel the challenge and get back to this game again. That is why massive attention toward DOTA 2 as one of the free video games to play is undeniable.

A Short Article about Technology

Technology is affecting people worldwide. Technological advances have made our countries safer, our lives easier. Technology has brought us online banking, intelligent cars, smart TVs, computers that can process a million data in lightning speed, and the virtual reality. However, they also have affected our lives negatively. That includes hacking, identity and data theft, privacy breach, cyber stalking, and multiple kinds of crimes popping up because of technology.

On this short article about technology, there will be various explanations about why technology matters a lot in our lives. After all, it is deeply integrated in our daily life, to the point that we cannot function properly without technology.

Importance of Technology

Technology affects every aspect of our life greatly. For the most part, it means that the presence of technology makes everything easier. For example, in the education sector, many education system assessments are fueled by technology. Today, technology has advanced the learning opportunities available to most school systems with computers and iPads in almost every classroom. It decreases working hours which currently go beyond school days.

Meanwhile, in communication, it gets easier to contact people who are on the other side of the world. You can use short messages, emails, or apps like Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp to connect with people. Technology also increase the security of both physical buildings (e.g. hidden cameras) and cyber security.

Benefits of Technology

The major focal point in technology’s development was the computer’s invention. This increases the communication and allows companies to communicate with foreign countries more easily. With the aid of technology, research is far simpler with greater results.

In the business sector, the progress in the implementation of strategic technology trends helps companies save time and money. In particular with the internet, exchanges are faster. Sales and purchases are now made easier and worldwide possible. This allows companies to purchase raw materials at discounts or lower prices. International tourism has also increased.

Harms of Technology

With great advantages comes greater disadvantages. In the virtual world, human relations are diminishing. When online social networking is increasingly replacing real face-to-face and physical interaction, alienation can increase, as well as issues such as cyber-bullying, online harassment, and cyber crime related to internet anonymity.

In the workplace, human beings are becoming less and less values as machines replace their jobs. Theft and misuse of intellectual property has made it harder and harder for innovative people to make money from their production. Media can be digitized and then quickly spread over the internet, and it seems difficult to control the process.

The Benefits of Setting Up Your Own Business

Setting up your own business can give you a variety of different experiences. Setting up your own business means you are someone who is ready to take the risk  of the business. However, making your own business is a challenge, if you succeed you will get a lot of money. Starting amazing small business ideas can start with a passion or expertise. There are several advantages to making your own business.


When you start a business, you are the one who regulates all the rules and work systems. You can specify your own work time. Being an entrepreneur means you are the boss so you have the right to determine your deadlines and work. Managing a good business means you must also have the right time management for your business. Timing and the right way to work can make your business successful.

Free to create and help others

You can determine the products and skills you want to sell to the public. All arrangements ranging from product design, sales goals and how to sell both online and offline are your decision. You are free to be creative with the products. If you can make a product or service that is needed by the community it means you have helped in providing their needs.

Creating jobs

Amazing small business ideas cannot be done independently, but require additional workers. Small businesses need employees to be able to achieve the specified targets. Employees will make many contributions to the business. If the business has developed well, the number of employees needed will increase and it will need more workers.

Get new experiences

A successful business is not built in a day. As an entrepreneur you will get a lot of experience and knowledge that may never have experienced. Basically every day there will be challenges for business that might threaten business continuity. The experience found will provide new knowledge that van be learning in the business.

Make you more expert

As business development increases, entrepreneurs will experience a variety of experiences that will make them more skilled in facing challenges. As time develops, entrepreneurs are also required to be able to know various developments in amazing small business ideas such as knowledge about digital marketing, the use of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to optimize search and how to do business preferred by consumers. This knowledge will make entrepreneurs more responsive and understand customer desires.

Tips and Ways to Improve Your Social Marketing

We all know that social media platforms still become one of the most important and unifying networks to help boost your business. More than 2,5 billion people on this planet using social media networks and that number is considered to grow in upcoming years.

At this point, the marketer should rely on more than just using hashtags and emojis to utilize most of social media networks such as Instagram, Facebook and so on. You can check business and marketing articles on how their business can improve significantly to boost your business. 

The social media marketer depending on a variety of sophisticated strategies to circulate the specific worldview which boosts brand awareness, bring delight to your customers and drive new business as well. So, there are several ways that you can do seriously to improve their social marketing efforts. 

You can use the visual contents 

We all know that traffic growth through the internet taught us anything that users want to look for and it is just a great reference for the visual content. There are many resources that show you how the content restructuring becomes more visual is the future of your content marketing and what trends that should be followed by your business.

It means that selling with some of the weight words for some content such as videos, photos, motion graphics, memes and so on even if you can provide other interesting content to share with your audience on all social platforms. Keep in mind that your thoughts and attention will be shared. You can find the best way to represent your message in a visual form and your audiences willing to listen more. 

Understand your promotion strategy 

The biggest mistake that most businesses do by using social marketing and social media is that they spend their time to make content and build something cool and there is no time to share them with the audience. You can feel comfortable with self-promotion and go there to try to find out your audiences.

You can build up your email list using tools to find your followers on social media networks. Ensure that people know your business and contents that you spend hours producing. The only way to grow your business is by being actively making people aware. 

Boost your real metrics 

If your efforts in social media were not currently tied up with a real business matric, so make it a priority. You can be smarter about social media marketing. You can check more on business and marketing articles.

5 Animals Information You May Have Not Known Yet

5 animals information you may have not known yet, what are they? Undeniably, animals are wonderful creatures. There are almost 8 million different species in the world. The number is excluded from many other animals that have not been discovered yet. When researchers observe many of those animals, much interesting information is found. Some of them are summarized below.

The sperm whale is vertically sleeping

In 2008, it was found out that sperm whales sleep vertically. However, their sleeping time is very short. It is around only 7% of other animals’ sleeping time or only 6-24 minutes. Meanwhile, they commonly sleep at noon to recharge their energy. Although their sleeping time is short, it is enough for them to do many other activities all day long.

Dogs are dreaming

It is debatable whether animals are dreaming while sleeping or not. But recent research shows that they may dream. At least, it is in a few animals like the dog. However, the dog’s dream is not as complex as the human’s. It is predicted that their dreams are still related to the dog’s world. For example, they are dreaming about hunting, playing with fellow dogs, or stealing food.

The elephant’s pregnancy is around 95 weeks

An elephant can get pregnant for more than 95 weeks. When a baby elephant is born, he or she is commonly in a condition of almost blind. It completely relies on its trunk to learn about the world around. A female elephant can live longer than the males; they are starting from 60 to 70 years old. But it is reported that the oldest elephant can live up to 82 years old.

A snail can sleep for 3 years without wakeup

Just like some other creatures in the animal’s kingdom, some snails are known to live well in the winter. But some others decide to sleep when the temperature is very low. So, you can just imagine if it a snail is living in eternal cold areas like Alaska and others. Well, they can sleep even for around 3 years. 

Ostrich’s eyes are bigger than its brain

Eyeballs of an ostrich are actually quite big. It is like a billiard ball. Uniquely, their brain is smaller than them in which it is not bigger than a chicken’s egg. But that small brain is known to have many functions. It manages the body’s organs to work as well as train the balance system. It also helps them in catching the prey anyway.

4 New Successful Business Ideas Not Many People Think About

New successful business ideas, do you want to go with them? Some people may have realized that a key to run the economy is from businesses. Well, the more numbers of entrepreneurs in a country, the more established the country is. Unfortunately, many people give up on their business for various factors. One of them is that the business is too old-fashioned or there are too many competitors around. If you are also one of those people who are interested in business, it is not bad to try some new business ideas. Even most people may not realize that such a business exists.

Organic-Fueled Stoves

If you have a high interest in science and want to turn it into a business opportunity, the organic-fueled stove is the best choice. As you know, some types of fuel like gas and oil are getting more and more limited. Moreover, they are kinds of non-renewable resources in which the production process takes even a thousand years. With the business, you are not only earning more money with limited competitors. You are also on a good mission to protect your environment.

Recycled Products

Another effort to earn money while keeping the environment healthy is by selling and buying recycled products. Those products are commonly in forms of handicraft, bag, shoes, and others. The materials are various starting from papers to plastic. Maybe, you don’t have any skill at all to create those products by yourself. This way, you can be a reseller by buying those products first from the producer. When your business has been running well, you can also hire some workers to create those products for you.

Retro Stuff

While the era is getting more modern, many people are still interested in antique and retro stuff. They include furniture, ornaments, and even electronic devices. Some people are even interested in applying 70’s or 80’s design to their home interior and exterior. You can take this business opportunity anyway. You can buy retro products from producers and then resell them. You should not worry; it is actually not very difficult to find them around.

Vintage Clothes

It is not only retro stuff who has so many enthusiasts nowadays. Even fashion from the past is still likable. So, why don’t you try this idea? It is by selling or renting clothes from the past. It can be dresses and suits from the Gothic Era, Victorian Era, to the more modern ones like the fashion of the 50’s to 90’s.

The List of Best Health Magazines in India

Magazines remain to be a decent source of information in which best health magazines in India could be very helpful for many. Commonly this particular type of magazine will deliver all health related information. Many useful tricks and hacks can be found there to live a healthier life. Moreover about this magazine, there will be useful updates and news as well regarding healthcare in India. Some of them can be considered to be the best while some others may only be following the steps of other magazines. So, what is the best then?

The top of the list belongs to the Health magazine. It’s simple name makes it really popular. It is easy to find and to talk about so that many people prefer to read it. This magazine is actually an American based that was found back in the year of 1981. It has its focus a bit on women sides although there are general topics as well. Healthy diet to lose weight remains a popular topic in this magazine.

Next one on the best health magazines in India is Runner’s World. This particular magazine was found in the year of 1966. It is a unique magazine in which it is available only 11 times in a year. As its name suggests, it focuses on running and tracking. All related stuff towards running can be found in this magazine for everyone. Interviews of popular athletes as well as inspirational stories and reviews of all things related to running and tracking are in there.

Muscle and Fitness is the next magazine on the list. It was founded in the year of 1936 with its main focus on exercises and workouts. The publisher is American Media, Inc that has been so consistent in providing useful info regarding body building along with advice on various issues as well. Following the top three the one in number four and five is Men’s Health and Women’s Health. The one for men was founded in 1987 while the one for women was founded in 2005. It is a somewhat general type of health magazine providing anything to be healthy and live a heavy life.

Obviously there are many more magazines talking about health that can be found in India. The list mentioned before is the best and recommended one to follow in order to get a healthier body and healthier life. Which one of the best health magazines in India that you prefer?

4 Small Business Opportunities Ideas for Beginners

What are the best small business opportunities ideas for beginners? There are so many types of business you can run. But to start the right business, it must pass through so many considerations. Moreover, if you are still a beginner, you need to make a plan so that it will not be collapsed when starting. Below, there are some small business ideas for beginners that can give you opportunities and profits.

Franchise Business

If you have some money, you can join a franchise business which is developed by other people. Of course, the franchise business to join must be credible and trusted to avoid many risks happening in the future. Commonly, it is started by paying the business and you can get the tools to open your business. Of course, you can get the license as well. it is also important to choose a kind of franchise that already has a mature concept since the beginning. Besides, you must also learn about the system of management applied there.


If you are confused with what type of business you want to build, the second recommendation is selling snacks. You can choose different kinds of snacks that are durable and not easily rotten. Besides, it is better to buy the products wholesale rather than cooking them by yourself. Interestingly, snacks like chips, cookies, and others can be sold online. Take a look at the expired first before deciding to sell them. In general, snacks have many lovers and the prices are not too expensive as well.

Smartphone Accessories

Do you have a smartphone? Well, a smartphone must have some supporting accessories like the casing, anti-scratch, waterproof layer, and more. Nowadays, all people have a smartphone and they must need accessories like what have been mentioned above. Based on that fact, it is not exaggerating to say that selling those things is a very potential business. Besides, it doesn’t need a specific skill to make it work. You can even start it with a little money as the capital anyway.

Baby Clothes and Equipment

Business in the area of baby clothes and equipment tends to have a clear prospect. Yes, if you have a baby, you must prepare those things no matter what. Interestingly, this type of business is not really difficult to run even if you are still a beginner. You only need to look for a strategic location to ease you more in marketing. Promoting them via online sites and apps is also recommended.