How to plan your round the world trip?

You do not have to worry anymore about the dead counting on your way over the steppes of Siberia like the old aviators but planning your wound the world trip can be a very complex process that you have to know first. Since there are some options to book your airfares, destinations, time flexibility and your budget of course. There are many possibilities to choose and do your research first you fly to get the best round the world itinerary planner. Here is a guide to starting your round the world trip that you always dream of.

How long you prepare for round the world trip?

So, you can do a round the world trip on the weekend if you just flights non stop – especially with your new long haul flights which can last almost all day long, taking not at twenty hours of flights. However, the minimum duration of most round the world tickets is around ten days and it still the breathless romp as well. In order to get the best tickets of round the world ticket, considering your annual leave, marking on public holidays or even take a longer live up to two months, usually around six to twelve months. At this point, you can maximize your airfare purchasing if you have a good plan.

When do you go with a round the world ticket?

The weather is never ideal in all your stops. Therefore you should be focused on what you really want to do and learn in conditions there. Generally, traveling to the wons can be done all year round but the outdoor adventures are highly depending and fun in the right weather. Do your research in advance if there are some must see destinations and activities means that you will face the crowds there.

Or if you expect to include the shorter thru hike into your trip, then you need to ensure you adjust into the right season and you can start in the right spot as well. You will not get far or pleasing experience if you missed important things to know first.

Where to go?

You should know that the classic and cheapest RTW tickets bring in some big cities, such as Bangkok, London, Singapura, Sydney, LA. However, if you want to connect more hub offbeats, then the price will increase significantly. The ticket costs were depending on the total distance covered or several countries that you want to visit.  Well, here’s a guide for round the world itinerary planner.

A Round the World Travel Planner

Traveling around the world without having the round the world travel planner might be a bit hard if you are an amateur in traveling. But that does not mean that even if you are already an experienced traveler, you do not need a planner. The reason why you need a planner is clear. We are talking about around the world travel not just out of the country travel. There will be a lot of preparation and if you can keep up with your own list, then you really need to have a planner.

Now, talking about traveling, we all know that the end of the year 2019 will come soon and that means you need to prepare yourself for a vacation. Mostly, people will just be chilling around the house to bond with the family. However, there are people who have a goal to travel around the world to see “everything”.

As we have said before, you need to have a plan in order for you to have a better vacation. Therefore, to help you, we will be giving you some information on how to start your round the world travel planner.

The starting point

Before you start packing your clothes, you need to sit down and take a piece of paper and think where do you want to go to. In this case, you can draw the list of places that you want to go to. This way, you will be able to narrow down the route.

After you narrow down the list, you can start to outline the budget. This is quite important as the budget outline will decide how long are you going to stay in the place and the places that you can go to. Your budget is not just for paying flights but it will also decide whether you stay in a hotel, hostel, homestay, campsite, or others.

The flights

When it comes to booking flights for around the world travel, there is the most common way to book the plane tickets. You can book your flights that are included within the three major alliances such as Star Alliances, OneWorld, and also SkyTeam.

What to pack

The next thing to add in the round the world travel planner is what to pack. When it comes to traveling around the world, you need to pack as little as you can. No need to bring a lot of clothes as long as you have your important stuff such as phone, charger, laptop, money, cards, then you are good to go.

How to Do Shopping Online Properly

Online shopping is a must to get anything from anywhere so that knowing how to do shopping at online marketplaces is important. Many people cannot live without internet today yet some of them may not be able to properly shop online. It could result in dissatisfaction due to improper ways in doing the online shopping. Online shopping is not that simple as a matter of fact. So, how to properly do it?

Second hand marketplaces are always worth to check. There are many things that will still be okay and functional in used condition. So, search for the items you want on second hand marketplaces first before looking for new ones. It will save some of your money for sure. Next thing to do is to put the items that you want in the basket or cart and leave it there for a couple of ways. Wait for possible discounts offered by retailers since you have their items in your cart or basket.

Embracing vouchers and discounts is another thing to do on how to do shopping online properly. There will always be various types of discounts and vouchers offered regularly on various online marketplaces. Try to check the ways to get more vouchers in different online marketplaces that will help reduce the price to pay. Even just a free shipping voucher is a worthy voucher especially if you buy huge items.

Shop around different online shops and marketplaces are needed to be able to get the best available price. It is common that different stores offer the same items in different price. Thus be sure to check different stores in different marketplaces before jumping to your purchase. Many people are just led by convenience to finally shop in one store only. Surprisingly, prices are highly competitive when it comes to online sales.

One last thing to do is to do your research on anything related to online shopping. It includes the way certain marketplaces work. Different online marketplaces will have different ways in doing the selling. They may well be using different online wallet services as well. Do not hesitate to download and use several online shopping apps at once just to maximize your online shopping experience. Above all, one thing to keep in mind is to stay safe regarding personal data and info when shopping online. Do those things on how to do shopping online and be a pro online shopper.

The Latest Fashion Styles for Petite

Short women often insecure with their choice of fashion. They sometimes have difficulties to find out what is the best outfit for them. Dealing with fashion and height can be tricky. Unfortunately, very few brands sell clothes for petite women. It also becomes an essential factor for their difficulties in trying to be fashionable. This article will provide you with the latest fashion style you can wear for your small figure.

Cropped Styles

This type of style can lengthen your figure. The pairing of a cropped top and high waisted pants is the best way to put a tall look in your fashion.

Slim Fitted Blazer

For a formal look, you can try fitted blazer which can slim your waist. This kind of blazer should fit perfectly in your shoulder and hug closely to the body. Do not wear an oversized blazer, it will overwhelm your small body.

Flare jeans

Jeans are a must item for menswear and womenswear. For ladies with a petite figure, you can still wear jeans. The difference is you have to choose flare jeans to make your leg appears longer. High heels are the best companion for the jeans. The point plus is that this style brings the retro vibe. Even it is a kind of old fashion, this style is the latest fashion style for a small girl.

Side Split Maxi Dress

Maxi dress can be another option for you. To avoid the effect of swamping shorter girls, pick a side split maxi dress. It can give more balance to your petite body.

Slimmed and Cropped Jumpsuit

When you are tall, a wide length jumpsuit is a perfect outfit, but don’t try it to a short lady. They should choose slim, short and cropped jumpsuit. Playing with the right jumpsuit can give a difference to your height. Pick the tileable and sleeveless jumpsuit. Combine it with ankle length boots to make you look fabulous.

Gathered or Wrap Dress

Try to avoid shirtdress, it will make you look even more petite. There are various types of wrap dresses suitable for a short girl, most of them are summer dress with a floral pattern that can show a feminine side of you. Wrap dress with ruffles is also another wise choice. The mid length colorful slim dress is suitable for a casual and fresh look.

Triangular high waisted skirt

This skirt can distract people’s eyes because it can extend the line of the body shapes. Triangular high water culottes are also another right choice to create a flattering silhouette.

The Latest Fashion Design Ankara Fashion

Ankara is a famous term for African print. It is a general material used for clothes in Africa, specifically West Africa. The printing is made using the wax resist technique as it is used to make Batik. this kind of fabric can be styled to various types of fashion. Nowadays, it is not only used by African, but also the fashionista around the world. do not surprise when you see celebrities impress us with their Ankara style. This complicated yet marvelous print can be transformed into any kind of style which suits yourself. Here is some of the latest fashion design with Ankara style.

Bomber Jacket

The Ankara print fabric delivers a glamorous glimpse. A bomber jacket is part of casual style, but if you want to wear it to a party, then Ankara bomber jacket will make you the center of attention. The motif and color that it brings to the jacket can steal everybody’s interest.

The Halter Neck Dress

This classic design, halter neck dress, is compatible with blaring printing from Ankara fabric. You will love how these two elements blend and make a wonderful yet elegant dress.Electric Bulb Ankara

An electric bulb is the the latest fashion design among other Ankara fabric. This pattern is going well with formal attire. This is the best choice to live up the atmosphere in the office. For women with a lot of activities, the formal Ankara outfit is the best pick because this fabric is not heavy.

The Ankara Bohemian Dress

A bohemian dress style is magically artistic. In the modern era, this fashion is more known by people with boho chic, which combine the sexy, gypsy and delightful look. The bohemian feel will appropriately be delivered with Ankara print, the combination of African and Caribbean ambiance.

Short Length Ankara Design

Not only elegant, chic and formal look, you can also transform Ankara fabric into a sexy and extraordinary short dress. You can choose the pattern based on your body’s shape. The right pattern will eventually show the best version of your figure.

Ankara Design for Modern Look

Who says that smart, independent and modern women have to dress in plain formal attire? This won’t happen when you know how wonderful is Ankara design. The adventurous feel the pattern brings can transform you into attractive modern women. Ankara gives the quality of cultural heritage and creativeness which makes you look even smarter.

Latest Fashion and Design from High Fashion Brand

High fashion or luxury fashion is produced by a top designer. It is made of high quality fabric, fabulous design, limited in quantity, very high price and sewn by an expert. The high fashion brand shows its collection through the most popular and classy event called Fashion Week in New York, Paris, Milan, and London. Their designs are always be expected every year. Their latest fashion and design will be described right down below.

Dolce & Gabbana

This prestigious brand is originally from Italia and founded by Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce. Many world celebrities are regularly used their designs, such as Emma Roberts, Madonna, Eva Mendes, Ashley Graham and more. The latest fashion and design by Dolce & Gabbana is all related to Earth’s natural wonder. For the collection, they come with the theme, safari. The design is dominated by a jungle inspired print from leopard print, tropical floral, palm leaves, and coconut. The fabric they choose mostly silk and sequin.


Valentino began to be acknowledged by people since 1962 when they made their international debut. It is one of the famous high end fashion brands, even Megan Markle used it for her official engagement. The designer of this brand blending inclusivity and romanticism element to their newest collection. They display a casual fashion with the touch of Italian glamour, Rousseau and Renaissance. The fabric they use for their design is varied from pleats, feather to transparency effect.


This Italian high fashion brand is established in 1921 by Guccio Gucci. During Fashion Week, Gucci mostly reveals white straitjackets for their collection. They tend to design in a vintage vibe with a mixture of color, logo, print, and glitter such as back vinyl chokers, high slit skirts, lace dresses, and pant hems. They carry the trend from the ’70s by using graphic color blocking.


It is the most recognized of Britain’s luxury fashion business. It was founded in 1856 by Thomas Burberry and located in London. The latest fashion and design from Burberry are more to the Italian style of designing. They use the refined structure of the modern fabric to show how to dress in a warm climate elegantly and neatly. For the choice of color, they tend to use khaki, gray and monochrome. The colors are applied to all kinds of styles they want to display from edgy youth to bourgeois looks.

Top News Headlines This Week Deep Study of Antarctica by Brave Scientists

Climate crisis related topic is among the top news headlines this week. Scientists went on a deeper study of the hostile continent of Antarctica with an ultimate purpose. They wanted to find out to the most detailed scope regarding the possible effects that changes in Antarctica could deliver to the rest of the globe. The term hostile continent is pretty reasonable with a record breaking 199mph of winds flowing down regularly from 4,000m height to the coast line. The bottom section which is the ice is another dangerous thing due to its thickness.

Despite that fact, scientists went there on a serious trip to find out what hell it Antarctica could unleash to the rest of the world. Within the last 25 years Antarctica has lost its three trillion ton of ice. Believe it or not, 50% of that was lost just in the last 5 years. A clear effect of that is the raising of sea water around the globe. At the earlier period of the last century the sea level rise was just about 1mm a year. Today it is 3mm a year and accelerating real fast.

Sea level rise is amidst the most prominent danger to face immediately regarding this update of top news headlines this week. Low lying islands such as Kiribati and Maldives have already faced the effect of raising sea level. Furthermore, that could be worse due to storm surges and spring tides. At the end of the current century the raise could be up to 2m. Just imagine how many islands would be gone following that matter.

What makes it even dangerous is the fact that Antarctica is actually sitting about 2,500m below sea level. The only thing that could prevent sea water from flooding is a rim of higher land all around its coast. With the melting of ice is increasing rapidly, it is possible that there are opening gaps within the coast. Sea water could slip through that higher coastline and melt the ice from the inside. If that happens the sea level could rise up to 3m instantly.

Regardless of the efforts to reduce the heating of the atmosphere that contribute to the fast melting of ice in the Antarctica, the effect is just there. It cannot be avoided at all. Upon facing this update of top news headlines this week, the best way to deal with it is just to prepare for the worse.

Top News Stories Now Possible Vaping Ban in the US Currently in Discussion

One of the top news stories now is the vaping ban in the US that could be back in the near future. This matter is in discussion following the latest official guidance from the Food and Drug Administration of the US. The new guidance from the FDS is currently under review by the White House. It is the Office of Management and Budget given the task to review that new guidance from the FDA. The review started on December 26.

It is possible that following the review the vaping ban will be released officially. It has happened previously that the White House reviewing guidance from the FDA. Yet, the earlier version of guidance on vaping and flavored e cigarettes was not able to pass through the review of White House. It was rather unclear since the guidance as never been posted without any official statement and explanation from the OMB as the one reviewing the guidance.

Regarding this update of top news stories now, it was all started by President Trump’s promise to clear out flavored e cigarette products in the market. He has considerably delayed the promise due to come circumstances. Previously it was reported that he removed the earlier ban on vaping and flavored e cigarette upon a warning about political consequences. It is interesting to wait and find out the outcome of the current attempt to release the ban.

A tense meeting has been conducted back in November involving representatives of vaping and flavored e cigarette industry. President Trump has been reportedly walking back the proposal. He concerned about the fact that it may lead to job losses within the vaping and flavored e cigarette industry. In short, this is a rather tricky matter to deal with even by the White House and the President.

Vaping has been known to be a new culture which could be helpful in reducing cigarette smoking. According to some support groups, flavored e cigarettes are needed to help prevent those adults from smoking which could lead to chronic smoking habits. Bipartisan lawmakers have been encouraging Trump to back out on this matter though.

An alternative that might be useful in dealing with this matter is to actually apply taxes on the vaping device so that less people will buy and use it. Certain flavors might as well be put amidst the exceptions of the ban. Yet, there will not be an official statement regarding this one of the top news stories now until next year though.

DOTA 2: One of the Free Video Games to Play

Very few people will not mention DOTA 2 when talking about fun and free video games to play. The popularity of this game does not need to be questionable. Even though DOTA 2 had been released since 2013, lots of people remain become its loyal fans until today.

What is DOTA 2?

Valve Corporation, a game company led by Gate Newell, owns DOTA 2. This popular game is a development from Warcraft which was booming back then in the 2000s. Just like Warcraft, DOTA 2 is a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game.

DOTA 2 is one of the free video games to play. You do not have to pay to enjoy the game. However, when you want to buy some items in this game, there is a certain price for the selected items you choose. There are more than 100 heroes in DOTA 2 that you can select. Each hero has its own skill that differs from another. Unfortunately, you cannot play DOTA 2 on your smartphone as this game is a PC-based game. DOTA 2 has been played by lots of people all around the globe. This game is even said to have the most fanatic fans among other existing games. The International is a clear proof of how DOTA 2 has successfully won the public’s heart. It is a game tournament with the highest reward ever on earth. The total amount of money as the prize is gained from DOTA 2’s fans who purchase treasure or items during The International period.

How to Play DOTA 2?

DOTA 2 is played by 2 teams consisting of 5 players in each. The teams are called dire and radiant. On the map, dire is placed on the top, while radiant is on the bottom. Both of the teams’ mission is to destroy the ancient of another team. Ancient is a unique building located in the headquarters area of a team. The last ancient surviving marks the winning of the team. To start the game, the player will have to select 1 among 100 available heroes. There will be no player selecting the same hero. During the game, the player will have to fight against the opponent’s hero or creep. In each team, the creep or tiny troops will come up every 30 seconds automatically to attack the opponent.

For every hero or creep that a player kills, the player will achieve experience. This experience is beneficial in moving up to another level or in adding gold. The collected golds can be used to purchase items like weapons, armor to survive, or other items for various utilities such as teleporting, running fast, and so on. The player with more experience and gold will also be stronger and thus make him easier to destroy the ancient. Playing DOTA 2, you have to get yourself ready for the hectic game and its additive effect. In your first time, you might easily get beaten. However, you will surely feel the challenge and get back to this game again. That is why massive attention toward DOTA 2 as one of the free video games to play is undeniable.

A Short Article about Technology

Technology is affecting people worldwide. Technological advances have made our countries safer, our lives easier. Technology has brought us online banking, intelligent cars, smart TVs, computers that can process a million data in lightning speed, and the virtual reality. However, they also have affected our lives negatively. That includes hacking, identity and data theft, privacy breach, cyber stalking, and multiple kinds of crimes popping up because of technology.

On this short article about technology, there will be various explanations about why technology matters a lot in our lives. After all, it is deeply integrated in our daily life, to the point that we cannot function properly without technology.

Importance of Technology

Technology affects every aspect of our life greatly. For the most part, it means that the presence of technology makes everything easier. For example, in the education sector, many education system assessments are fueled by technology. Today, technology has advanced the learning opportunities available to most school systems with computers and iPads in almost every classroom. It decreases working hours which currently go beyond school days.

Meanwhile, in communication, it gets easier to contact people who are on the other side of the world. You can use short messages, emails, or apps like Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp to connect with people. Technology also increase the security of both physical buildings (e.g. hidden cameras) and cyber security.

Benefits of Technology

The major focal point in technology’s development was the computer’s invention. This increases the communication and allows companies to communicate with foreign countries more easily. With the aid of technology, research is far simpler with greater results.

In the business sector, the progress in the implementation of strategic technology trends helps companies save time and money. In particular with the internet, exchanges are faster. Sales and purchases are now made easier and worldwide possible. This allows companies to purchase raw materials at discounts or lower prices. International tourism has also increased.

Harms of Technology

With great advantages comes greater disadvantages. In the virtual world, human relations are diminishing. When online social networking is increasingly replacing real face-to-face and physical interaction, alienation can increase, as well as issues such as cyber-bullying, online harassment, and cyber crime related to internet anonymity.

In the workplace, human beings are becoming less and less values as machines replace their jobs. Theft and misuse of intellectual property has made it harder and harder for innovative people to make money from their production. Media can be digitized and then quickly spread over the internet, and it seems difficult to control the process.