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Nigeria Reacts On Game of Thrones Featuring Bukola Saraki, Others



Nigeria, in last week has witnessed which has been described as game of Defection, which giants Nigerian politicians are moving from ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) to the leading opposition People’s Democratic Party (PDP). has gathered reactions of Nigerians concerning the ongoing game of Defection the politicians are playing.

WINJOBI Abdulafeez, in his reaction described Nigeria politicians as an heavy weight iron ball on a spring moving to and fro.

A pendulum moves from one end to another with a notion, making a sound.

“Nigerian politicians are like pendulum, they move from one party to another for the sake of relevance (making sound) but not an impact. They believe in personal gains and eat their vomit anytime to try to defect back to the political party they once bad-mouthed. They defect not for reasons of good governance but for the failure of the political party leaders to fulfill their bidding which fuelled their move to the party in the first instance.”

“Many would sympathize with some politicians for being cheated and marginalized, unknown to many that everything they are doing it for personal gains. They left PDP to eat the cakes with APC we voted for them. Are we going to vote the same set of people who for the reason of redeeming themselves from the blame of the current situation of our economy, run to an opposition party? It’s important to note that we will be at the receiving end after all. But on another hand, let’s tell ourselves the truth.

Until the citizens wake up and disappoint these thieves by refusing their baits, the leaders won’t change their ways.

Adeyemi Victor says “For the youths celebrating the defection here and there in the polity, you are the ones I pity most, it’s just a normal pre-election year regrouping when the old thieves meet again to negotiate your future and milk you dry.”

“The political transfer window is getting more interesting as we are witnessing a mass exodus from the Association of Past Criminals(APC) to the Politically Displaced Persons(PDP)…
2019 is here!”

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