Learning with children at home can be a fun activity. Before children go to school, it is better for parents to teach some lessons that can be used as a basis for children, so they are better prepared to learn at school. Parents can teach a variety of interesting topics that children can learn while playing or doing fun activities. Learning activities for kids are easier to do since early childhood. Learning in the right way can benefit the intelligence of children. There are several lessons you can give to children.

Learn basic lessons

Basic lessons that parents can teach to children can be in the form of learning letters of the alphabet, shapes, knowing transportation, animals and the other. Parents can teach letters through an education card. Children can learn by guessing letters or arranging letters with these cards. Furthermore, children can better remember a lesson by looking directly. Toy beams give children a clear picture of a shape. Parents can also buy books that contain basic lessons for children to try such as connecting pictures and writing letters.

Learn to write

Children can write letters of the alphabet so that children can better remember the shape of letters. Teaching children to write their own names is a good thing. Although they are not good at stringing letters, having the ability to write their own names is a good thing. Children can also be taught to write numbers, bold writing and imitate writing. Increasing writing will train children to learn and remember a lesson well.

Learn to recognize colors

Learning to recognize color is an interesting lesson. Parents can introduce color to children through objects that are around like the color of fruit or clothes. Coloring an object can be fun learning activities for kids. Children can get to know colors better by directly coloring fruits, transportation, vegetables and other objects.

Learn to be creative

Parents can provide a number of games that can train children’s creativity such as using block bricks, toy blocks, to puzzles. Children can form various forms of objects that fit their imagination. Learning with paper folding or origami can teach children to be creative. Writing the name of the object or the name of the child on origami paper can make the child remember the name of the object and the form of writing from the name of the object made even remembering the shape of the child’s own name.

Learn to cook

Parents can do cooking activities with children. Making cookies or some healthy snacks can teach children to be patient. Cooking food takes a long time so the child can appreciate the process. Cooking with children can be a learning activity for kids as well as building children’s closeness with parents.