The symptoms of meningitis in infants initially do not look worrying. Some babies may only look tired and fussy. But after that, meningitis can develop into serious quickly. Various symptoms will then appear. However, infants and children are the groups most vulnerable to this disease caused by viruses, bacteria, and fungi. The reason is infants and children have lower endurance than adults. This disease has a greater chance of recovery if known quickly. Unfortunately, most meningitis knowing late so the impact can be deadly for children, especially infants under the age of three months. Then how to prevent meningitis in babies, prevent the following four steps.

1. Meningitis Vaccine

After children age 11 to 12 years, he can get a meningitis vaccine with a booster at the age of 16 years. However, babies from the age of 2 months to 11 years. That can also get this immunization early if they meet the requirements for meningitis immunization. Including living or going to an endemic country of meningitis, having an immune system disorder, and being in a group of people with many meningitis sufferers.

2. Maintain Cleanliness

Don’t be lazy to wash your hands before eating and finish using the bathroom. Parents must warn children not to share food, drinks, and eating utensils, towels. Also personal belongings with other children, especially that look unhealthy. It is recommended to wash your hands using warm water and soap. Make sure all parts from front to back and between your fingers are washed with soap.

3. Limit Contact With Meningitis Sufferers

Children will not be infected with bacterial meningitis just by playing with friends who are sick with meningitis because inflammation of the brain is not transmitted through the air. However, children can get the same disease if they get along too long or too long with the sufferer.

A person suffering from bacterial meningitis will transmit within 24 hours after he gets antibiotics. If you worry that your child will expose to bacteria that cause meningitis, talk to your doctor about taking antibiotics as a preventative measure.

4. Increase Endurance

Keeping your immune system healthy can prevent the entry of viruses and bacteria that cause meningitis into your child’s body. Ways to get prime body endurance, including undergoing a healthy diet and not forgetting to eat lots of vegetables and fruit, getting enough rest, exercising regularly, and avoiding cigarettes, illegal drugs, and alcohol

5. Do Not Use The Same Items With Others

Meningitis that cause by bacteria can transmit through breathing, saliva, and snot. Therefore, avoid physical contact with sufferers in public places. Not recommended to use objects, especially the same tableware with sufferers. It is better to teach children to use their equipment and make sure to clean it properly.

Indeed not 100 percent prevention can be done. But at least the most important thing is never to miss giving vaccines to your baby and all the other baby vaccines are very useful to protect yourself from viral attacks. Meningitis in infants and children can be fatal to cause death. Do not delay to see the child to the doctor if you suspect the symptoms of meningitis in your baby. And use the tips above how to prevent meningitis in babies.