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I Only Said Yes Once



By Mercy Harold

THE sunrise was awake when I left the house, her conversations with dusk must have been less nowadays;
It was on mornings like that day, I had to hurry to get Masa for mama at the street junction, the junction that made it easy for us to tell others that we stayed behind the estate’s hospital, backing our voices as we said “bayan asibiti”.

The morning wore it’s usual ritual in agwan makama smoke drinking into earth from curled fishes,the readiness to face the days work seen as men and women deployed to their pursuit to feed their belly and answer to the ringing of their needs.

But something stopped The day’s arranged conversations, as I walked towards mama geshimi’s shop to get Masa, I saw fifteen year old Dora carried like food on tray wearing a dress bathed with blood allover, with lots of people paddling their ways to get her to the hospital, I wondered what must have happened to Dora.

Hours later, rumour had it that Dora was involved in “abortion”,with judging nods and reactions on their face, and I lingered to ask her WHY.

When I saw Dora on the Thursday’s of last week, this was what she said, “How do I tell you that didn’t want to have a fetus washed at the gates of my openings, that love made my choices vulnerable”

Who would listen to me, I had a choice, the last time I touched my phone I asked Google.”how does one stop crying”.

Mercy Edmund Harold

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