A Short Article about Technology

Technology is affecting people worldwide. Technological advances have made our countries safer, our lives easier. Technology has brought us online banking, intelligent cars, smart TVs, computers that can process a million data in lightning speed, and the virtual reality. However, they also have affected our lives negatively. That includes hacking, identity and data theft, privacy breach, cyber stalking, and multiple kinds of crimes popping up because of technology.

On this short article about technology, there will be various explanations about why technology matters a lot in our lives. After all, it is deeply integrated in our daily life, to the point that we cannot function properly without technology.

Importance of Technology

Technology affects every aspect of our life greatly. For the most part, it means that the presence of technology makes everything easier. For example, in the education sector, many education system assessments are fueled by technology. Today, technology has advanced the learning opportunities available to most school systems with computers and iPads in almost every classroom. It decreases working hours which currently go beyond school days.

Meanwhile, in communication, it gets easier to contact people who are on the other side of the world. You can use short messages, emails, or apps like Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp to connect with people. Technology also increase the security of both physical buildings (e.g. hidden cameras) and cyber security.

Benefits of Technology

The major focal point in technology’s development was the computer’s invention. This increases the communication and allows companies to communicate with foreign countries more easily. With the aid of technology, research is far simpler with greater results.

In the business sector, the progress in the implementation of strategic technology trends helps companies save time and money. In particular with the internet, exchanges are faster. Sales and purchases are now made easier and worldwide possible. This allows companies to purchase raw materials at discounts or lower prices. International tourism has also increased.

Harms of Technology

With great advantages comes greater disadvantages. In the virtual world, human relations are diminishing. When online social networking is increasingly replacing real face-to-face and physical interaction, alienation can increase, as well as issues such as cyber-bullying, online harassment, and cyber crime related to internet anonymity.

In the workplace, human beings are becoming less and less values as machines replace their jobs. Theft and misuse of intellectual property has made it harder and harder for innovative people to make money from their production. Media can be digitized and then quickly spread over the internet, and it seems difficult to control the process.