Self-publishing your book sometimes also means self-marketing it. For you who has no basics about it may feel like it is harder than writing itself. But don’t worry, here we have 6 best marketing strategies for self published authors.

1. Branding Yourself

In self-publishing, it is not only about promoting your book after it has been published. But first, you also need to make branding of yourself. People need to know about the author as a guarantee of the quality of the book. They want to consider is it worth investing their money in your book.

You can make a branding from your most personal thing, like social media. Just start by creating some short essays or stories; or giving a perception about trending news. Writing some quotes as captions is also a good beginning.

One thing to remember is you need to be consistent. Make people think about you when they see something you used to share.

2. Building a Fanbase

Still connected to the previous point, building a fanbase is also about branding. But now, it is time to start mentioning the book. Before you publish it, you need to give some hints to your reader.

Make a blog or a separate social media account for your book. Then, write some interesting sides to it. Don’t make it too frontal. Keep leaving some gaps that make people curious and interested in your book. You can do this to see people’s reactions.

3. Taking Advantage of Your Network

After you did both strategies above and your book has been published, then start the harder marketing. First, you have to take advantage of your network. Families, peer groups, and co-workers are the circle that can support your marketing.

Some of them may be not interested, but it is your job to assure them. They may don’t like to read so they can’t help by buying your book. But you can still ask them to offer it to their other circles. 

4. Holding a Book Event

This one may require you to think about the concept of the event. You also need to spend more money. But if you have more capital, this is worth trying.

Invite 15-20 people to come to your event. Also, present a speaker as a reviewer to accompany you. No need to make it luxurious, but it has to be professional.

5. Collaborating with Book Reviewer

Nowadays, it is not difficult to find a book reviewer. Not only a blogger, but a YouTuber and Instagrammer can also be a book reviewer. As one of the best marketing strategies for self published author, you can ask a sort of endorse to them.

Choose the one who has enough followers. But it is better if that reviewer has a specific niche that is what your book has. It will make your marketing can aim straight to the target and at once increase public trust.

6. Giving a Free Shipping

People from various regions may have known about your book and interested to buy. But they might still think about the shipping charge. Moreover, if the charge turns out to be more expensive than the book’s price.

By considering profit and loss, you can give some free shippings for certain buying. If it is possible to hold it unconditionally, it is, of course, would be more interesting.

Those are the 6 best marketing strategies for self published authors. A good book also needs good marketing to reach more readers. So, keep writing and start to run the marketing strategies.