When you hear the word history, you will take it very seriously. However, there are some unique and weird things that happened in history. These stories are sometimes more interesting than what historians write in history books.

weird things that happened in history

So, now you can understand that history is not always boring. Several unique stories can influence history until now. Here are the weird things that happened in history that you need to know:

1. Fake Emperor of Ethiopia

British warship crew, HMS HMS Dreadnought received a telegram if Emperor Abyssinia would visit the ship. Then, the sailors stop their work to welcome the nobleman. When visiting the ship, the emperor and his escorts were greeted with military honors.

The visit became a diplomatic relationship for the British Navy. However, it turns out that the visit was just fake. A few days later, they sent anonymous confessions to several newspapers. That information made the Navy a mockery for several months.

2. The Dancing Plague

In the middle ages, there was an outbreak of dancing that occurred in Central Europe. This plague is very scary because some people who are infected with this plague will continue to pull until they are exhausted and even die.

This epidemic spread so quickly. At that time they believed that the dance was a curse. However, lately, it was discovered that the dance was an outbreak called choreomania.

3. The American Invasion of Korea

In the 19th century, most countries on the Asian continent closed themselves off from the outside world. However, America plans to open diplomatic relations with several countries on the Asian continent.

When America wanted to diplomate to Korea, it turned out that Korea was firing on American ships. America protested about this but Korea explained that it was a misunderstanding. So, after a while, the Americans invaded an island in Korea and they won.

However, the Korean government still does not want to diplomate with America. This is because Koreans are ashamed that they think the American ship they have fired is a warship. The ship that America used at that time was a merchant ship.

4. The Kettle War

One of the weird things that happened in history is the kettle war. At that time, Northern Netherlands soldiers confronted the Holy Roman Empire’s army. Then, the Northern Netherlands broke away from the Empire and blockaded some important ports.

The two sides then faced each other and the Northern Netherlands ship sent one shot to the Holy Roman Empire. However, the shot hit the soup kettle on the deck of the Holy Roman Empire’s ships. The soup sprayed the passengers with a condensed thick liquid and then the Holy Roman Empire surrendered.

5. The Abandoned Rear

In the middle of World War I, United States officer Colonel George S. Patton was in a village in France. One day, a mayor came to him and told him about an American soldier’s grave. Colonel Patton was at a loss because he also did not know about the news.

Then, they went to an area they thought was the grave of an American soldier. The grave is a toilet that has been neatly buried with soil. Patton’s men had filled it with dirt and put up signs so that other soldiers would not approach the area.

Those are weird things that happened in history you should know. This weird thing is still a unique history in various countries. So, of the five stories above, which one interests you the most?