5 animals information you may have not known yet, what are they? Undeniably, animals are wonderful creatures. There are almost 8 million different species in the world. The number is excluded from many other animals that have not been discovered yet. When researchers observe many of those animals, much interesting information is found. Some of them are summarized below.

The sperm whale is vertically sleeping

In 2008, it was found out that sperm whales sleep vertically. However, their sleeping time is very short. It is around only 7% of other animals’ sleeping time or only 6-24 minutes. Meanwhile, they commonly sleep at noon to recharge their energy. Although their sleeping time is short, it is enough for them to do many other activities all day long.

Dogs are dreaming

It is debatable whether animals are dreaming while sleeping or not. But recent research shows that they may dream. At least, it is in a few animals like the dog. However, the dog’s dream is not as complex as the human’s. It is predicted that their dreams are still related to the dog’s world. For example, they are dreaming about hunting, playing with fellow dogs, or stealing food.

The elephant’s pregnancy is around 95 weeks

An elephant can get pregnant for more than 95 weeks. When a baby elephant is born, he or she is commonly in a condition of almost blind. It completely relies on its trunk to learn about the world around. A female elephant can live longer than the males; they are starting from 60 to 70 years old. But it is reported that the oldest elephant can live up to 82 years old.

A snail can sleep for 3 years without wakeup

Just like some other creatures in the animal’s kingdom, some snails are known to live well in the winter. But some others decide to sleep when the temperature is very low. So, you can just imagine if it a snail is living in eternal cold areas like Alaska and others. Well, they can sleep even for around 3 years. 

Ostrich’s eyes are bigger than its brain

Eyeballs of an ostrich are actually quite big. It is like a billiard ball. Uniquely, their brain is smaller than them in which it is not bigger than a chicken’s egg. But that small brain is known to have many functions. It manages the body’s organs to work as well as train the balance system. It also helps them in catching the prey anyway.